Welcome To the Nannen Arboretum

The Town of Ellicottville’s Nannen Arboretum is managed by the Nannen Arboretum Society, a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing home garden and natural resource education and an opportunity for nature appreciation and leisure.

All contributions to the Nannen Arboretum are tax deductible. Your generous donation will help greatly in offsetting the cost of maintaining this wonderful destination.
We are excited to offer a designated Memorial Program here at the Nannen Arboretum! This program provides you with an opportunity to commemorate an important occasion or to honor a person dear to you. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, births, and other lifetime achievements can be preserved in the Nannen Arboretum through a living memorial.  The gift of a tree or shrub in the name of one whose life has touched yours in a special way is a perfect acknowledgement and adds to the beauty of the arboretum.

In addition to donations and memorials, our organization holds classes on tree care, with classes like how to grow pomegranate from seed, and the proper way to care for fruit trees. We have a vibrant community of garden and nature enthusiast. Get involved or see below to learn more about supporting our organization.

Click Here for more information on how you can support the Nannen Arboretum.